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Whew! Too much going on, but I'll try to break it down. :-)
Still settling into the new house. We just picked up a free hot tub, but need to get new wire before we can set it up. Hopefully that won't be terribly expensive but we will find out. We bought a very nice looking fire pit. Hopefully we can get the fountain soon! Started some flowers, herbs, and veggies. We will have a lovely garden in the front and back yard soon. And we moved my grandma's bar onto the back patio. It got a little scratched in storage. :-( But hopefully we can fix that. Housewarming party in on Saturday the 30th.
It is also Boo's going away party. She joined the Air Force Reserves, and will be leaving for basic training (followed by technical school) on April 2nd. She will be gone through early October. It's going to be a very looong summer...
My dad had spinal surgery. He has been in the hospital all month. They may finally discharge him this week, but he will have to wear the neck brace for at least 9-12 months and has a lot of therapy to go. It will be a long road to recovery.
Work is keeping me busy. Had a minor scare last month when my student attacked me, but after a two week suspension we are working together again, and he is much more pleasant. Guess the police officer who spoke with him instilled a healthy amount of fear! LoL
Classes are going well. A's on all my work so far. Midterms are this week for my two classes on campus, and I have two (and a half) papers due. One online class begins this week. My other two (yes, I'm taking *15* units!) begin next week. All the online classes are accelerated formats. Hopefully I can keep up!!
Taxes are done. The refund should be here tomorrow, and no later than next Monday, so that'll be a relief. We can then pay all the bills and get the garage door fixed.

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