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And the green grass grew all around, all around...

Whew! Too much going on, but I'll try to break it down. :-)
Still settling into the new house. We just picked up a free hot tub, but need to get new wire before we can set it up. Hopefully that won't be terribly expensive but we will find out. We bought a very nice looking fire pit. Hopefully we can get the fountain soon! Started some flowers, herbs, and veggies. We will have a lovely garden in the front and back yard soon. And we moved my grandma's bar onto the back patio. It got a little scratched in storage. :-( But hopefully we can fix that. Housewarming party in on Saturday the 30th.
It is also Boo's going away party. She joined the Air Force Reserves, and will be leaving for basic training (followed by technical school) on April 2nd. She will be gone through early October. It's going to be a very looong summer...
My dad had spinal surgery. He has been in the hospital all month. They may finally discharge him this week, but he will have to wear the neck brace for at least 9-12 months and has a lot of therapy to go. It will be a long road to recovery.
Work is keeping me busy. Had a minor scare last month when my student attacked me, but after a two week suspension we are working together again, and he is much more pleasant. Guess the police officer who spoke with him instilled a healthy amount of fear! LoL
Classes are going well. A's on all my work so far. Midterms are this week for my two classes on campus, and I have two (and a half) papers due. One online class begins this week. My other two (yes, I'm taking *15* units!) begin next week. All the online classes are accelerated formats. Hopefully I can keep up!!
Taxes are done. The refund should be here tomorrow, and no later than next Monday, so that'll be a relief. We can then pay all the bills and get the garage door fixed.

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I has homwerkz!

Finally bit the bullet- I am now officially a college student! Financial aid apparently had me coded wrong in the system, so there was a funding setback until yesterday, so I did not actually register for anything until that was fixed. But it was approved, so I get to figure out what classes are still open that work with my schedule.
My first class was tonight. It's a child development class. The teacher seems nice, we had a good chat after class. I have hopes that I can do well. A majority of the class seem to be closer to my age, too, not fresh out of high school.
I already have homework. And an extra credit assignment. :-p
I have to go back by West Valley tomorrow to get an add code to take an Anthro class (Magic, Science, and Religion). Not a whole lot else looks open, but I hope to get a couple online classes that start later in the semester. I think I got into film appreciation and theatre appreciation, so hopefully I can at least get to see some interesting shows and movies. I have to check on them, and check with financial aid again to make sure all the different classes' books are being covered.
On another note, I spent the last two weeks subbing at different school sites. My usual student attacked me (and his 4th period substitute teacher when they tried to save me) two Fridays ago. He was suspended for two weeks. I had lots of bruising up and down my left leg (which I used to deflect most of the kicking) and my knee on that leg was the size of a grapefruit for the three day weekend!
It is mostly healed now. Still a bit stiff and there are two big bruises still sorting themselves out, but am otherwise better.
I go back to the high school Friday with the kid.
Hmm... what else has been going on?
Took roommate's cat Serenity to the vet over the weekend. She is now spayed, microchipped, and has had all her shots. To celebrate, he bought her a collar and nametag. She is now official! :-p
We are settling into the new place pretty well. Still unpacking, and have a few more thing to sort and set up in the living room and computer nook, but it's coming together. Need to talk to our landscaper friend again about getting yard work done once we have a better sketch of what we want done.
All in all, a fairly productive start to the year!

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Xmas time is here

All presents wrapped, and it's off to the in-laws for the holiday dinner.
Somehow, I have the feeling they skipped a tree this year though, and that thought makes me a little sad. It's like no one puts in the effort anymore. It's become just another consumerist holiday everyone feels obliged to participate in.
I love buying gifts, finding just the right items, and it thrills me when people appreciate the time and sentiment. I hate seeing and hearing from others what a chore it is, and how they hate having to worry about it. It shouldn't be a worry. It shouldn't be an obligation. It should be from the heart, because you care and you want to and you saw something that made you think of them...

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Still, I can't be still.

New year's resolution? Quit being lame around here and actually update semi-regularly...


The holidays are upon us. Still have a few more presents to purchase, and our annual party is currently both goose and treeless. We have to pack everything, too, since we have to be out by January 11th. Plus I'll be short two weeks of work cause the school let's out for Christmas break after finals finish tomorrow.
Top it all off with a spouse who thrives on conflict, and you have all the ingredients for one super sad monkey, indeed.


We have to make less money stretch farther than our usual funds do, and somehow pull a deposit and double rent out of it all on top of holiday gifts that are already setting us back. Merry Christmas, indeed. :-( *le sigh*
Between the stress, the fighting, and the neglect, it's no wonder my insomnia is worse than ever...


On another, less depressing note, I have been watching an anime called Nana. I am enjoying it, although I am ready to slap both Nanas, as they really need to ditch the boys and just date each other all ready!! It's so obvious... Frustrating, as that will never happen either. Grump.


All our xmas cards are actually signed and sealed, and all but five or so have already been mailed. And Christmas isn't even for another week yet!! So huzzah for finally having those done before the holiday instead of the following summer, for a change! I almost feel accomplished.


I also feel boring and worthless. :-( I don't have fun anymore. I rarely go to parties, and don't have anything interesting to talk about when I do. Hell, if it isn't work, I hardly go anywhere. I don't see that many movies. People rarely come over, so tea night is pretty much a bust. They can barely bring themselves to come to the annual party anymore. I feel like a poor host. No matter how hard I try, the effort is wasted. The more money and energy that is put in, the fewer show up. Guess I've gotten boring.


All I really want for Christmas? Cheer, goodwill, a little respect... to feel loved and valued... To not feel so alone. I'm surrounded by friends I never see, family that care more about money than people and feelings, and I have rarely felt as completely empty and alone as I feel lately.


And sure, feelings are transient, and I will probably not feel so down later. Or at least not act like it. I've gotten good at wearing that mask over the years. But every mask slips sometimes, and the roiling sea peeks through briefly.


I guess this is your glimpse at my ocean. Danger, turbulent waters.

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Meanwhile, back at the camp...

Yeah. Me, *BAD* at updating here. Not that great on Facebook either (LOL) but at least I'm on there more regularly.
Went through a couple more jobs and another bout of unemployment. :( Supposed to be starting a new job next week, although I have a few more interviews this week. Given the hours and pay cut, I'm hoping to find something else, but if this is it, at least it's really close to home and will be *some* income. We'll see what happens.
Xmas was good. Our Solstice party was a hit, as usual. We had 25 folks in our small apartment! It was pretty sweet! Gifts for the family were spot-on too. I done good with my guesses on what to get them all this time around. Go, me! The in-laws gave us money toward a baby- hopefully we'll start trying in March, or April. Wife would prefer to have enough money together for two cycles before jumping in; but depending on this whole work thing, I may just convince her to give it a shot and we'll come up with more later if we need to. And we got ourselves the new Xbox 360, with Kinect. Wife hasn't set the Kinect up yet, but we are digging the upgraded box. LOTS more memory, and wireless, so we can finally get our DL content and patches for older games (I can finally play Fable I!). Of course, I sprung for the uber memory bundle; but it's what we wanted. Just gotta sell the old box.
Speaking of Xbox, been addicted to Dragons Age lately. Really want to pre-order the special edition of #2 but gotta scrape together the money. :( Played through the sequel twice, expansion once, and two of the DL content side games. (Loving the Witch Hunt, wish it was longer; and damn it, they *still* didn't answer anything! I want to see more Morrigan! I hope she's in the sequel!!) I'm on playthrough #3 now. Trying to unlock all the achievements. I haven't even finished Fable 2 or 3; and y'all know how much I love me some Fable (it's the reason we needed an Xbox)! Yeah, gamer crack. But ah well. At least I have time to play it while I'm waiting on work to start, after I'm tired of sending out resumes and applying places. :p
Did the roommate shuffle thing again in December. The new ones are alright. No real complaints to be had, which is a refreshing change from what we're used to, but we miss Westin. We don't "click" as well with these two as we have with our *really* awesome roommates. No waves is great; but I definitely miss having someone who liked to be around and would join in at the parties and hang-outs. *shrug* Ah well. Better than the drama llamas!
Tummy grumbling. Better go feed it.
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Yipes, a bit behind...

Sorry, guess it *has* been forever since I've updated here!
Lesse, wedding went great with the exception of a majorly rocky start. Was working, now not, but starting with a friend's company soon, so yay for not being unemployed for too long! Cats are good. Wife is good. Bills are bills, and maybe one of these days we won't be drowning in them. We moved- smaller place this time but fewer roommates and same rent. We like it. Plus, a pool and fitness room. Yay! Can we say pool parties this summer? :p
Wife finally finished her BS. Now she just needs to do academy to make her more eligible for a ranger position. *crossing fingers* Just need to afford to send her. :(
Next life step- we are hoping to breed by next year. If we can come up with the money. She is seriously hearing the tick of her biological clock, and we aren't getting any younger. Hopefully something will work out.
We have a Prius. Don't remember if I updated about that. The Discworld Halloween party was a success, though we *still* don't know who took all the really AWESOME pics. :( No one seems to know who it was!
Anyhoo, more later. And hopefully it won't be so drastically late this time!
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Life, or something like it

Not too much going on. We have moved into the master room, and the new roomie has moved into our old room. We are still having issues with the original roommate pair and are hoping they move back to Texas before we have to kill them. Troubles with filling the spare room too. Keep having people commit and then flake. Irene and Anthony are back in for a month or so, although I'm starting to get very tired of always having to bail them out of bad housing choices. But it's hard to say no...
Work is going okay.
We have a new Prius, and the VW is no more. N's Honda is fixed and looking new. Now we just need to get the bike worked on and we'll be great.
N finally got her financial aid going, and is taking her final class for her degree.
I've had a few fillings done, and will have my wisdom teeth extracted (finally!) at the end of the month.
Ardenwood Ren Faire is this weekend in Fremont. I am looking forward to it. It is likely the only Faire this season I will make it to.
We are starting a DC Heroes RPG on Sundays cause the GM wanted to take a break from D&D. It's shaping up rather nicely with character creation. Should be fun to see how it plays.
Picking up more wedding stuff.
Preparing for Halloween. Expect the official invite to that party coming soon. It should be a lot of fun. I hope everyone comes who's expressed interest. Yay, Discworld!
Harry Potter D&D

Painting mini-party, and Discworld viewing for Halloween party

Okay folks! We will be painting the master room on Monday. If anyone is available that can help (and knows how to hold a paint brush and manuever it in a vaguely vertical fashion against a wall) let us know! It'll be a mini-party or something. We can order pizza and watch a movie or play a game afterward.
And on Wednesday, to help folks prep for our Discworld Halloween party, we will be getting together to watch Hogfather (live action), Wyrd Sisters (animated), and Soul Music (animated). And if we can get our grubby little hands on it, The Colour of Magic/Light Fantastic (live action) as well. (I think it officially goes on sale in September?) If you're interested in joining us, please let me know! We will be discussing costume possibilities as well as viewing the films, so it is sort of a Halloween pre-planning party. :) We have most of the books available for skimming if you need some ideas and are familiar with the books. Arrangements to borrow books can be made if you are not familiar with them, and those of us who DO know them can help you figure out what sort of character you might want and can point you at the correct books from there. :D
RSVP either here, via email or text, or just call me. XD
Hope to see you all this week!

Random Encounters With Celebrity

So, I went to a gypsy horse get together and mini-show this weekend. There was also a riding/training clinic on Day 2 that I did not stay for (too broke) being taught by the imminent trainer in the country at the moment- Diane Rossi. This little shindig was being hosted by Celeste Huston, and I wound up invited because I am on a yahoo group dedicated to these beautiful horses! I brought yresim, and her service dog, along for the ride. It was unbelievable!
Diane Rossi brought her red fresian, and her star fresian, and an andelusian, her arab named Sheik, and and a few others. They were very pretty and it was neat to be able to watch her in action with them. I feel very priviledged! Especially since it did not cost us to attend this part of the get together. And frankly, the clinic was only going to be $65 a person, which is a great deal to be taught by this woman, but we just didn't have the extra finances laying around due to other issues at home right now. *sad face*
This trip was extremely fun, and I finally got to meet some of the many lovely ladies who are on the list whom I have been corresponding with for many years now. And the horses were to die for! I got to see, and before leaving Sunday morning actually visit with, my absolute favorite stallion of Celeste's- St Clarins! He's a gorgeous silver dapple- so brown he looks black, with white white white mane and tail, stockings, and a big bold blaze. I absolutely HEART this horse! yresim has been bitten by the gypsy bug now too. LOL She saw her dream horse at this event- a buckskin paint gypsy stallion who closely resembled a filly she used to own. And he is for sale. She couldn't tear her eyes off him. His name is Sir Collin.
The first person we spoke with on arrival was named Angelica. She pointed out a few people and directed us to our host "she's over there, the one in all pink!" and was very nice. We spoke with her a few more times over the afternoon/evening. During dinner we spoke with a lovely woman named Mary, who tried to sell yresim two horses just like Sir Collin. We spoke with her for several hours over the course of the evening, and she sat at our table to eat dinner. We also got to chat with Ella and many others I recognized from the yahoo group.
Celeste, our host, before dinner told everyone there would be a costume contest and the finalists were being selected by some "secret special judges". We made it into the finals. She later added that the judges making the selections included Angelica Huston (of course, this didn't click right away, as Celeste's last name is Huston and Angelica isn't that rare a name!! We thought, oh a relative is helping out, that's cool.) and Bo Derek. Later, during dessert, she lined up all the finalists for the audience to judge from. Angelica was standing two people away from us with a microphone, in profile, and we were looking her way when Celeste announced that Angelica Huston would be interviewing the finalists. Looking at her when her name was said, it suddenly dawned on me that this was not just "Angelica Huston, relative of Celeste" but was actually THE ANGELICA HUSTON. I turned to yresim and said pretty much that. She looked over at her, and said, "Oh my god, Morticia Addams!" And right about then she got to us and put a microphone in our face. I'm suprised we didn't pass out or say anything too horribly stupid!! And we'd ALREADY BEEN CHATTING WITH HER ALL DAY. And stupid us, left the camera in the car trunk when we'd arrived and never gotten around to fetch it! I hope to get copies of photos from other guests once they've returned home and had time to upload them! As for Bo Derek, we couldn't even remember what she looked like, so we weren't sure we'd actually seen her while we were there. But it was nagging at us in the back of our mind, so we googled her when we got back home and saw a recent photo. BO DEREK WAS MARY WHO ATE WITH US, SPENT MOST OF THE EVENING TALKING TO US, AND TRIED TO SELL US TWO HORSES.
This was the most surreal party I think I have ever been to. Not only were there celebrities mingling with us common folk, but we'd spoken with them and didn't even know it at the time!! They were both super nice ladies. And probably appreciated not being treated like famous people and getting asked for photos or autographs. But geesh! I still can't believe we got to hang out with them!!