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Need some help from all here who know us

Hey guys. It looks like we are going to be obtaining a lawyer to deal with the problem roommates. They are threatening court/lawsuit. Don't even get me started!!

So... what I need from you all, if you can, is:

Personal statements regarding our character

If you have ever been to our home, on Lundy Ave or here on Guanacaste Ct, personal statements regarding the overall state/cleanliness of the location(s) in question

Personal statements regarding unpacked boxes being noted out of the way and neatly stacked or if they were obstructing furniture and thoroughfares

Personal statements as to whether the counters/dishes were observed to be clean

Personal statements as to whether the cat litter boxes appeared to be maintained

In addition, if you were among those who noticed the smell of illegal substances within the home, and particularly from the realm of the master bedroom, a personal statement about what/where you noted the scent and what you believe the scent to have been

If you have been witness to any of the white board communications, particularly the particular tone of certain notes, a personal statement regarding content/implied intent from wording and your perception of such

If you have any dates for any of the above to reference, or photos from parties/gatherings held at either location, please include those as well. For character statements, please include how long you have known us.

Please submit signed statements via postal mail! Just ask for address if you do not have it. We will be happy to provide it.

I hate to have to bring everyone into this, but one of the roommates in question holds a law degree and is insisting on making the entire process onerous, so we want all the ammo we can bring to the table with us!!

more fun! not...

So on my way to the ER to be seen for the worker's comp claim, I wind up in a car accident! Some idiot decided to pull out in front of me from a court without looking first. Our car is pretty thrashed. But on the bright side, the police took his license and towed his car for a 30 day hold.
At the ER now, they just did a ct scan of my face from getting punched. Just waiting on results now. At least I'm being paid to be here, and got the night off in the bargain!


Lots to update, but I'll wait till my headache goes away.
Got punched in the face at work today. Stupid street racing punks. At least they threw their beer can at my patrol car first- we can get fingerprints off it to go along with the license plate and police report...
Have a nice goose egg under my left eyeball along the cheekbone.

And life goes on...

I am not great, but am okay.
We still have one car in the shop for repairs, and household tensions tend to run high as there are just too many people living in the house. We let a friend and her son rent out the spare room because they had been living in Fresno and her girlfriend at the time beat the crap out of her and her roommate kicked her out when she told her she was thinking of moving back to the bay area (all this in the same week). The two gay boys who rent the master room complain about everything, and use everyone's stuff without asking, and then say they are being picked on when it is pointed out. We've had to start labelling things, and are learning to just ignore their whining, as it seems to mostly be a hobby rather than legitimate complaints. And the other pair of roommates have their three kids coming to visit next week, and they are supposed to be here for about a month. So it is going to be more crowded, and everyone is still adjusting to each other and stressed out. Makes everyone on edge.
Boo started her internship this week also, so I am lucky if I see her at all. She is only home now for maybe five hours all together, and usually sleeping for it since she is working herself ragged.
I was hoping to start classes in the fall with a distance program through Prescott College, as they have the exact combination of degrees that I want to work toward, but with finances as they are, I doubt I will be able to begin this year.
A friend I only knew online, but had offered up her home on our Vermont trip should we be in the area and wanted to drop by, died early yesterday. She'd been hospitalized for asthma, and they'd sucked a massive blood clot and lots of flem from her lungs, over the weekend. She had seemed to be recovering well, but when they began to wean her from the meds keeping her unconscious they found bleeding in her brain that could not be treated and she never woke up. They waited until the family was present yesterday before removing her from the life support. She was in her late fourties, and was a kind and generous spirit. I wish I'd had the chance to meet her in person...
I have been hired part time as an inspector for boats at the county lakes. I start training tomorrow, but it is only going to be two days a week to start. I might have an evening care giver gig for a couple hours during the evenings. I am still on call for Santa Cruz county to sub for their special ed instructional aides. But on the bright side, the house is looking cleaner and more organized and more boxes have been unpacked and gone through. :)

birthday pressies addendum

It occurs to me, belatedly, that I should probably actually give you all links for that stuff. D'oh!
Gift cards can be acquired at http://www.victoriantradingco.com
Mead of Poetry is for sale from http://www.rabbitsfootmeadery.com
And my paypal is StormchasersFolly@gmail.com :-)

Writer's Block: Down on Memory Lane

What is your earliest childhood memory?
I was maybe four and a half, in kindergarden. My dad was working for Keebler at the time doing deliveries. I remember him taking me with him on a haul and then being late to class. The teacher, Mrs. Eshelmann, started to get upset and lecture my dad, but he went out to the semi and came back with boxes of graham crackers and cookies- enough for a month of snack times. I was excused from the tardy. It's the earliest coherent memory I have... :-)
Have you ever met a celebrity in real life? Who was it and how did your paths cross?
Idina Menzel, after a Wicked performance during her last week with the show in New York. We were waiting to get a few things signed and to give her an Elsie cow from RENT. Before she came out, we'd all been told that she wouldn't be posing for pictures or personalizing anything she signed, and she'd just be going through the line and then be gone. There were probably a hundred people outside wanting to see her. She came out, and was signing and smiling nervously and not really talking to anyone. People would hand her flowers and little gifts, and she would hand them to two ladies (her agents probably) behind her to carry. When she got to us, we handed her the first cow. She actually looked up at us, and said "They make these now?" I said yes, and she smiled and said "You know I don't get any money from these". I laughed and said she was probably right. She said it was cute though, and where did I want her to sign? Then she commented on the fluff of the plushy being too fluffy to write on, so she would just sign the cow's t-shirt. She signed and handed it back, then signed a few other things we all had. Then I handed her cow number two and told her that one was for her. She said "Oh my god, really? It's too cute! Thank you!" and smiled and tucked it under her arm to hold as she moved on.
It was about then we realized that the entire rest of the crowd was glaring at us and we were likely to get mobbed by angry fans whom she didn't stop to talk to nor cuddle their gifts. We quickly squeezed through and left the area. I was highly entertained, and thrilled that she liked my present. XD

Gay Marriage in California

California's Supreme Court is supposed to announce its ruling on the validity of gay marriage here on Tuesday the 26th. Word is we will hear at 10am if they follow the example of previous years. There is three ways it could go- a complete invalidation, a safekeeping of the currently valid but a refusal of further contracts, or validation of all gay marriage. Obviously we are hoping for the latter, though rumor has it to likely be the middle option. There will be events and gatherings that evening in most cities across the country. Check out http://www.dayofdecision.com to find out more and if any are close to you. I plan on attending in San Jose. I hope you all support the one closest to you!


Boo took me to see Wicked on Tuesday as an early birthday present. It was nice. I enjoyed this cast better than the one that came through last time. Sure, the gal playing Elphaba is still no Idina Menzel, but I have yet to be unimpressed with the choices. And the one playing G'linda was EXTREMELY better than the last one. It was funny- Madame Morrible was played by Patty Duke! Previous Madame Morrible's have been rather more full in shape, and Patty Duke is rather thin, so the costume was more form fitting, but the bum roll didn't get scaled down. It was hysterical! You saw thin thin thin thin omg gynormo bubble butt! I couldn't stop giggling every time she came on stage!

As the world turns...

You know, someday I'd like to NOT have something blow up in my life. The Jetta we inherited from Mike is in the shop, Boo's Honda and our motorcycle need varying degrees of work to stay running, the gay boy roommates complain about EVERYTHING and are making the housing situation very tense and unhappy, and to top it all off- my work fired me on Thursday. They had already taken me off the schedule for a week and a half, so at least I was proactive and started looking for work. Had a couple interviews, but nothing terribly promising. :-/ So, apparently the security job had gotten a complaint about my driving in the company Jeep. They said that I was driving over on Cottle at 85, and had cut someone off making an illegal u-turn from the right hand turn lane. Nevermind the fact that I was not near there at the time. I barely know where Cottle IS, and I hadn't taken 85 at ALL that day! I had taken 101 to Blossom Hill to Monterey. How is that Cottle and 85? They don't even look the same! Not to mention the fact that my paperwork and the guard I was postchecking's report put me at his site ten minutes before the supposed incident occured! But the HR woman said she had spoken with the person who had made the complaint, and since they had the exact number from the back of the Jeep and had described me, then they were right and I MUST have been there and did that. She said they were a "reliable middleclass white couple" and therefore were a believable witness in her "considered opinion". And your employee that was PROMOTED because management thought they were doing such a fabulous job? She had a clean enough record for you to let her drive the company vehicle. She freely admits that her only vice is speeding. She is a good driver otherwise, uses her turn signals, doesn't tailgate, and rarely speeds in the company car... She isn't more reliable? She wouldn't have known where she was or how she was driving? What's wrong with this picture?
Of course, the HR manager never liked me from day 1. And all this happened only a day or two after we received confirmation that the corporate office in Georgia had received our letter regarding their denial of benefits for my wife based on our same-sex status and how under California law they are required to extend the benefits regardless of gender. Hmm. Awefully convienent. Makes one wonder who this "reliable" couple knows at headquarters or in management... Not that it matters at this point, as it would be my word against theirs and management has already chosen to back them.
I hate that California is "at will" employment. I don't think a company should be allowed to fire someone without a solid reason. The whole "or no reason at all" clause is such bullshit. It's no wonder there is no company loyalty these days, and companies are allowed to send our jobs overseas. The whole stinking system needs an overhall. :-(

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