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I has homwerkz!

Finally bit the bullet- I am now officially a college student! Financial aid apparently had me coded wrong in the system, so there was a funding setback until yesterday, so I did not actually register for anything until that was fixed. But it was approved, so I get to figure out what classes are still open that work with my schedule.
My first class was tonight. It's a child development class. The teacher seems nice, we had a good chat after class. I have hopes that I can do well. A majority of the class seem to be closer to my age, too, not fresh out of high school.
I already have homework. And an extra credit assignment. :-p
I have to go back by West Valley tomorrow to get an add code to take an Anthro class (Magic, Science, and Religion). Not a whole lot else looks open, but I hope to get a couple online classes that start later in the semester. I think I got into film appreciation and theatre appreciation, so hopefully I can at least get to see some interesting shows and movies. I have to check on them, and check with financial aid again to make sure all the different classes' books are being covered.
On another note, I spent the last two weeks subbing at different school sites. My usual student attacked me (and his 4th period substitute teacher when they tried to save me) two Fridays ago. He was suspended for two weeks. I had lots of bruising up and down my left leg (which I used to deflect most of the kicking) and my knee on that leg was the size of a grapefruit for the three day weekend!
It is mostly healed now. Still a bit stiff and there are two big bruises still sorting themselves out, but am otherwise better.
I go back to the high school Friday with the kid.
Hmm... what else has been going on?
Took roommate's cat Serenity to the vet over the weekend. She is now spayed, microchipped, and has had all her shots. To celebrate, he bought her a collar and nametag. She is now official! :-p
We are settling into the new place pretty well. Still unpacking, and have a few more thing to sort and set up in the living room and computer nook, but it's coming together. Need to talk to our landscaper friend again about getting yard work done once we have a better sketch of what we want done.
All in all, a fairly productive start to the year!


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Feb. 5th, 2013 04:57 am (UTC)
Good for you :D
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