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Random Encounters With Celebrity

So, I went to a gypsy horse get together and mini-show this weekend. There was also a riding/training clinic on Day 2 that I did not stay for (too broke) being taught by the imminent trainer in the country at the moment- Diane Rossi. This little shindig was being hosted by Celeste Huston, and I wound up invited because I am on a yahoo group dedicated to these beautiful horses! I brought yresim, and her service dog, along for the ride. It was unbelievable!
Diane Rossi brought her red fresian, and her star fresian, and an andelusian, her arab named Sheik, and and a few others. They were very pretty and it was neat to be able to watch her in action with them. I feel very priviledged! Especially since it did not cost us to attend this part of the get together. And frankly, the clinic was only going to be $65 a person, which is a great deal to be taught by this woman, but we just didn't have the extra finances laying around due to other issues at home right now. *sad face*
This trip was extremely fun, and I finally got to meet some of the many lovely ladies who are on the list whom I have been corresponding with for many years now. And the horses were to die for! I got to see, and before leaving Sunday morning actually visit with, my absolute favorite stallion of Celeste's- St Clarins! He's a gorgeous silver dapple- so brown he looks black, with white white white mane and tail, stockings, and a big bold blaze. I absolutely HEART this horse! yresim has been bitten by the gypsy bug now too. LOL She saw her dream horse at this event- a buckskin paint gypsy stallion who closely resembled a filly she used to own. And he is for sale. She couldn't tear her eyes off him. His name is Sir Collin.
The first person we spoke with on arrival was named Angelica. She pointed out a few people and directed us to our host "she's over there, the one in all pink!" and was very nice. We spoke with her a few more times over the afternoon/evening. During dinner we spoke with a lovely woman named Mary, who tried to sell yresim two horses just like Sir Collin. We spoke with her for several hours over the course of the evening, and she sat at our table to eat dinner. We also got to chat with Ella and many others I recognized from the yahoo group.
Celeste, our host, before dinner told everyone there would be a costume contest and the finalists were being selected by some "secret special judges". We made it into the finals. She later added that the judges making the selections included Angelica Huston (of course, this didn't click right away, as Celeste's last name is Huston and Angelica isn't that rare a name!! We thought, oh a relative is helping out, that's cool.) and Bo Derek. Later, during dessert, she lined up all the finalists for the audience to judge from. Angelica was standing two people away from us with a microphone, in profile, and we were looking her way when Celeste announced that Angelica Huston would be interviewing the finalists. Looking at her when her name was said, it suddenly dawned on me that this was not just "Angelica Huston, relative of Celeste" but was actually THE ANGELICA HUSTON. I turned to yresim and said pretty much that. She looked over at her, and said, "Oh my god, Morticia Addams!" And right about then she got to us and put a microphone in our face. I'm suprised we didn't pass out or say anything too horribly stupid!! And we'd ALREADY BEEN CHATTING WITH HER ALL DAY. And stupid us, left the camera in the car trunk when we'd arrived and never gotten around to fetch it! I hope to get copies of photos from other guests once they've returned home and had time to upload them! As for Bo Derek, we couldn't even remember what she looked like, so we weren't sure we'd actually seen her while we were there. But it was nagging at us in the back of our mind, so we googled her when we got back home and saw a recent photo. BO DEREK WAS MARY WHO ATE WITH US, SPENT MOST OF THE EVENING TALKING TO US, AND TRIED TO SELL US TWO HORSES.
This was the most surreal party I think I have ever been to. Not only were there celebrities mingling with us common folk, but we'd spoken with them and didn't even know it at the time!! They were both super nice ladies. And probably appreciated not being treated like famous people and getting asked for photos or autographs. But geesh! I still can't believe we got to hang out with them!!


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Aug. 7th, 2009 01:40 am (UTC)
Cool that you met some stars! I'd like to see photos of the gypsy horses. :)
Sep. 9th, 2009 01:57 am (UTC)
I'll see what I can do. I've never actually played around with the photo section on the site! Any pointers?
Sep. 9th, 2009 02:15 am (UTC)
On the Livejournal site? I post photos mostly from flickr.com to my LJ. It's just a copy and paste thing. Sorry I don't have any great tips. :)
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